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Have you lost money off your off plan purchase?

resource If you lost a deposit in Off Plan Spanish Property we can now get your money back

Following a Landmark Supreme Court decision in Spain in 2015 known as Law 57/68 this opened an opportunity for investors wishing to recover lost money from the banks where it was held.

 Our team have helped many people recover millions of Euros and continue to represent many more.


We have a 100% track record with these cases and have already recovered deposits for many Irish, UK and European investors and have hundreds of other reclaim cases in the Spanish Courts at present with our highly successful Spanish Solicitors looking after the Legal actions.


All claims are on a NO WIN NO FEE basis.

If you have lost out, please contact us and our expert team will assess your case and take you through the process completely stress free.

click for info We specialise in helping UK / Irish/ Norwegian/ Swedish clients claim back money lost on unbuilt Spanish property that were mis-sold and are now a burden to the owners.


We are an UK based company, but we also have offices in Ireland and Spain to help give you the best chance at getting your money back.

We currently represent more than a thousand UK/Irish/ Norwegian/ Swedish residents and work with one of the most successful Spanish Solicitors who, if necessary, will represent you in any legal action. But don’t worry, we do all the hard work for you.

Please click on one of the red panels below to find out how to get back the money you lost on off-plan Spanish property that was never built.

We strongly encourage anyone who is unsure, to call us today. We will take you through the process in detail, discussing the potential claim and assist with filling out your application form over the phone. On completion of your documentation, we will handle everything for you, ensuring regular updates on progress made.

You will not be required to go to Spain to meet our solicitor, who will represent you. In fact, you will not need to travel to Spain at all.

By signing a Power of Attorney, which we can arrange for you, our solicitor will act on your behalf.

her latest blog Fast Track Your Claim Text (Full Name + Off Plan) to 0044 7710 467523 and we will call you back within 24 hours to take your details

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